One Day, An Army Of Furious Older Women Will Take Over The World…

One Day…

An army of furious older women will take over the world.

And I want to be there at the front.

Because one day, every woman wakes up and realises, that quite frankly, they put themselves through hell.

Trying to fit in, trying to be enough, to be attractive, to be acceptable, to be responsible, to be reliable, to be a mother, to be a wife, to be a friend, to be a carer, to hold a career, to keep it all spinning effortlessly….

And in a flash, years and years of back-breaking conformity, whizzes before your eyes and you have a lightbulb moment…

It was never going to happen.

We could never have done it all.

For it is not possible.

No man could do it either. Not a chance.

Women of this world, beautiful, wonderful women – let that lightbulb go on sooner rather than later because when it does, you will be free.

Free to live.

Free to f up.

Free to take breaks and make mistakes.

Free to pass over on the list of things you ‘should’ be doing.

And you will understand that whatever you did today, it was enough.

You are enough.

One day, an army of furious older women will take over the world and I want to be there, right at the front.

By Donna Ashworth – article here–rk


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