Words from my husband

Here is my collection……. 
For the last weeks this is what I have been up to. Making Yonisteam chairs.
First Rebecca asked if I could help her build one and of course I said yes, I mean its my wife 

But the more I got into it, the more I started thinking about my role as a man, both a man in general but also a man building a steamchair for vaginas. How everything comes back to the fact that if the vagina feels good, feels seen, loved and as a part of the woman’s body a lot of things naturally falls in place. Im really amazed to see the work that Rebecca puts into helping women healing and I want to be a part of that healing process as myself but also as a man. Questions im asking while building are, have I been giving time to really get to know and undertstand each vagina I have encounterd or did I just assume they all worked the same? How can I give my wife the time she needs, the place for her to stay in contact with her self? I feel somehow, by acknowledging that more connected to myself and to my sacred space… Well well, they are up for sale now and if you wanna treat your woman, your mother, daughter, sister with a great surprise have a look at this website.
website www.snippsauna.com


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