Red or White moon cycle

In ancient cultures, there were two menstrual cycles celebrated as the Red Moon Cycle, and the White Moon Cycle. With the ruler of the Roman Empire being Constantine, many of women in powerful positions were made to look as though they were evil in order to maintain the order and preserve the patriarch. They were called witches and burned alive, when in actuality they were simply herbalists and women who practiced medicine and healing modalities. Constantine was concerned that if women knew their power they could disassemble his reign, and therefore also threw out many writings from the bible which included women in power. This means that women who were bleeding in tune with the Red Moon Cycle were recognized by many as dark, and evil women.

To be aligned with the Red Moon Cycle, a woman would ovulate during the New Moon, and bleed on the Full Moon. Energetically speaking, this goes against the grain being that the most fertile moon cycle would be the Full Moon, and the least is the New Moon. What this means for the woman experiencing this is that her darkness she experiences during her menstrual cycle is brought out into the fertile world through her artistic expressions, healing work, and magick. These women are truly the wisdom keepers, medicine women, and shamanesses of their community, and it is obvious why a Patriarch would feel threatened by such a woman of high degree and try to make it shameful to align with the Red Moon Cycle.

As for the women in tune with the White Moon Cycle, they are most fertile during the Full Moon and menstruate during the New Moon. Their energy is in line with the patterns of the moon as they feel the most energy to bring their desires into life during the fullest phase which the moon also is most ripe and ready for harvest, then their energies turn inward just as the energies of the moon are during the New Moon. These women are the nurturing type, caring for their loved ones, nourishing their spouse and children, and taking care of the home. In the patriarchy, these women are most cherished because they naturally love to tend to their men and children instead of seeking artistic and eccentric endeavors. This though does not mean that these women are any less than the women of the Red Moon Cycle, and vice versa. Each woman is an expression of the divine feminine energy of the Cosmic Mother and the Magdalene.

Throughout a woman’s life, she may experience many transitions where her cycle takes place in different placements of the lunar cycle. It’s interesting to pay attention to this and take note of the different passions and desires which you are seeking during that time. Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment, passion, sensuality, and feminist activism? Or maybe you are seeking a happy home life, beautiful devoted love with your partner, and the pleasures of watching children grow. Take note of how your cycle links up to these recognized cycles. Either way your cycle relates to the moon, it’s important to honor each individual transition from Follicular to Ovulatory, Ovulatory to Luteal, and Luteal to Menstrual Phase. Each phase in your monthly cycle has a new and different energy it carries with it and planning your life cyclically to match this will bring you deep connection with your feminine divinity. Read more about aligning with the energies of each phase by reading my article RED and WHITE MOON Cycle: TUNE IN to the energetics of your menstruation.

To each woman expressing her divinity, much love and blessings.

Text från Mindy Sheppard


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