Några ord och lite fakta från Keli Garza på Steamy Chick

2018 Steamy Chick Stats

Gross Sales Income: $522,126 (more than doubled from previous year)

Number of Orders: 4194

International Sales: 23 Countries

SteamyChick.com Website Visits: 149,220

VaginalSteamDirectory.com Visits: 67,441

Email List Size: 9,100

Instagram Following: 13.7k (350% growth)

Certified Steam Practitioners: 345
Statement by Keli:

As always I’m astounded at the numbers and how quickly this business continues to grow, not only for Steamy Chick but the quick expansion of the entire field. Two years ago I was the only person making vaginal steam supplies in the United States. Now vaginal steaming has gone from something almost completely unheard of to a common practice in only a couple of years. And all of this without any corporate money or investors behind the numerous women offering vaginal steam services.

Business folks always want to know what my ”cost of conversion” is and how much I put into advertising. It’s almost embarrassing (and also a source of pride) to say that all of this growth is with nearly no advertising at all. Last year I dabbled a little in FB/IG ads and put a total of $1250 into advertising. It didn’t get better results than what I was already doing so I discontinued it.

Which all leads to the question, if there are no investors and no money in ads why is Steamy Chick growing so fast? Because women are in need. Our current medical system tells women that pain is normal and offers pills, ablation (burning the inside of the uterus) or hysterectomies as solutions. These options are lacking to say the least and come with a heavy price and negative side-effects in most cases.

For vaginal steaming to be able to address menstrual health issues with a minimal cost and without any major side effects is groundbreaking. As a result, not only my company but several other vaginal steam therapists and suppliers have grown to six figure businesses in the past year.

I’m overflowing with pride at this financial success not only because it allows me to provide for my family but also because of the many jobs I’ve been able to create. Further, it’s allowed me to contribute to my community in ways I never was able to before — financial aid for single mothers, cancer surgery, burial costs, children’s enrichment activities and, of course, vaginal steam research.

I owe a huge thank you to the ancestors all around the world that created this amazing therapy and continue to bless us as we revive this practice. Lastly, I owe a thank you to all of YOU for carrying this practice forward through your purchases, steam successes and spreading the word. 

To our continued success in 2019!

With the Deepest Gratitude,


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